What is ProjecTools?

ProjecTools is cloud-based Completions and Document Management System that allows you to properly manage, collaborate, and distribute check sheets and all other documentation from Engineering, Construction through to Commissioning.

The right completions software dramatically improves the quality of an asset, the time-to-handover, and the bottom line. It helps completions teams to convert manual processes performed by field engineers. It supports administrators to laboriously pair checklists to tags and generate inspection sheets using spreadsheets and mail merges into an automated process. So the right teams can contribute and monitor progress.

ProjecTools engineering and commissioning software has been specified and honed over years of working alongside the best commissioning teams in the world on some of the largest, most complex projects.

The ProjecTools and the DesignPro team understand the massive quantities of data needed to execute completions and perhaps more importantly understands the relationships among the data (TAG, ITR, CERT, etc) and the absolute pain it causes when data is unorganized and incomplete.

Each completions team onsite needs to have the correct data, the ability to generate check sheets with a couple of clicks and log the progress to a system that is smart enough to produce the progress and forecast reports that commissioning managers and project directors need.

ProjecTools engineering and commissioning software not only improves the work and lives of completions teams, it improves the quality, safety, and productivity of the project, reduces commissioning time and assists in the handover process. It will provide at any given time an online view of the project status with practical task overviews and dedicated reports.